Roadside Assistance

At Multi-State, we are not only committed to servicing your policy and handling claims in a fast and efficient manner, but we also want to help keep you safe out on the road. Many of our private passenger auto programs include a roadside assistance program. We represent both Nations Safe Drivers and Road America programs.

If you have purchased Roadside Assistance and would like to contact the appropriate provider, please see below.

For policies beginning with NIC, TMS, or TMW

24 Hour Roadside Assistance: (855) 894-0833
Customer Service: (800) 338-2680

For policies beginning with CNM, NMC, or PAC

24 Hour Roadside Assistance : (888) 597-2861
Customer Service: (800) 262-7262

For policies beginning with NMC, RCC, or LWA

24 Hour Roadside Assistance : 855-379-5851
Customer Service: (855) 379-5849